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Today I turn 40. The big 4-0. 4 decades of life. Whew. Rolling up on 40 has had it's share of emotional rollercoaster rides. The ups and downs of navigating turning 40 has been beautiful and exhausting. There came a moment recently where I decided to step back and take a really good look at my life through Jesus' eyes. There I began to realize the big idea of turning 40 is really no bigger than any other birthday. It's another year to choose to be grateful for another year of life or choose to sit in the ick where Satan wants you to be. I've learned to choose joy and to choose to learn to love myself better. That latter part has not been as easy as I hoped it be. It's not the responsibility of others to help me feel satisfied with where I'm at in life. It's my responsibility. Choosing to love myself better doesn't mean I love the others around me less. Honestly, loving myself better has actually helped me to love those around me better. I could write a h

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