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The Dreaded Mammogram

  About 3 weeks ago I was part of several different conversations with friends and a couple coworkers where breast cancer, yearly ob/gyn appointments, and mammograms were brought up. In each of those conversations, someone else brought up the topic, it was never once initiated by me. After the 3 rd day of hearing about these things I took it as gentle push from the Holy Spirit to call and get my yearly ob/gyn appointment scheduled where I’d bring up having a mammogram. I made that call on 1/10 and then on 1/12 I found a lump.  The amount of fear and “what ifs” that flooded my mind in that moment is indescribable unless you’ve been there. I called the doctor the following morning where they scheduled me to see a doctor right when I returned from Denver. I was already dealing with some personal family things that week and wasn’t sure I how I’d mentally survive the next few days knowing I was heading to Denver for a work trip with this on my mind. My typical response in situations like

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