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Heartache and Comfort

This morning I sit staring at an empty terrarium. One that housed a sweet little crested gecko by the name of Mr. Kipling. A gecko that was well loved and cared for by my sweet B. A gecko that B spent time researching and learning about so that he knew best how to care for him.  The last few days Mr. Kipling was beginning to weaken and unfortunately, he didn’t survive whatever illness he was fighting. We found out yesterday that all the crested geckos in the bunch that he came from were ill and there was only one survivor left, yet, he was too ill for the pet store to let us have in good conscience. In a week or so we’ll get another gecko and we’ll pray that he comes from a healthy bunch, but in the meantime, I’m watching my sweet boy’s heart break. Last night as Brayden laid in bed bawling, I just held him and cried along with him. In part because I miss Mr. Kipling too, but mainly because there’s nothing quite like watching your children’s heart break and knowing there’s nothing yo

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