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  OB/GYN Doctor: “You’re at high risk for breast cancer, we’d like you to have an MRI in June because the mammogram and the ultrasound you had can’t really detect the cancer due to your dense tissue. In the meantime, reduce sugars, reduce alcohol consumption and exercise.” Family Doctor: “You have high cholesterol and because you have Factor V you need a heart scan in July. In the meantime, reduce stress and exercise.” Orthopedic Doctor: “Just a reminder you have Spina Bifida and exercising is really hard on your body especially your feet. I’d like you to try to reduce the impact on your feet as much as possible.” I’ve been in my head about exercising, realizing it’s key to surviving to some very serious health concerns and then yesterday hearing how exercise isn’t the best on my body, well, I almost spiraled. Since January I’ve taken each piece of news about my health as best as possible. I’ve taken steps to better my physical health while struggling with my mental health. The

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