Over the last couple months Mason has asked me on numerous occasions who I planned to vote for and would continually ask me why. He would then ask me why I wasn’t going to vote for the other guy. When he first asked me, I was driving, and told him I wasn’t sure how to answer him. I will be honest, in that moment the Holy Spirit was guiding me in a direction I wasn’t sure I was prepared to go. So, I told Mason to give me a little bit and we’d talk about it more. 

We got home that day, I asked God to show me how best to speak to my son about a topic that I wasn’t even sure he was old enough to talk about it, and then I realized that the pushing of the Holy Spirit was a beautiful way for me to be an example to my son. 

I shared with Mason attributes of both candidates, I never once spoke badly about either, I shared what was important to me and why, and I let him know that the only way for me to choose was to spend time praying asking God for guidance. I told him that when making my choice, I wasn’t going to be pressured by others, I wasn’t going to read people’s social media posts and let it sway me one way or another, I wasn’t going to rely on the news to tell me who to choose, and I wasn’t going to worry about what other people thought about my choice. In typical Mason fashion, he asked why. I knew that was my opportunity to speak into my son and pray that he’s an agent of change for the future. 

I shared with him what an honor and privilege it is to have a choice; whether it comes to politics or life in general. That having a choice comes with a responsibility to educate ourselves. I gave him examples he’d understand like how he chooses which toy to spend his money on. 

I wanted him to understand that the privilege to choose is his. I wanted him to understand that he doesn’t have to choose who I choose or who his friends choose. I wanted him to understand that life offers lots of choices and it’s so easy to allow the opinions of others to help us make a choice. I wanted him to learn now, that choosing is an honor to hold on dearly to. 

I wanted him to see that I’d never push to make a choice for him. If he asks, I will always be there to talk to him about anything, but I will never rob him of his freedom to choose.

(Side note: that doesn’t come easy for me. As a type 8 personality, having control is what comes natural to me. And all the 8’s say…amen. lol)

He came home yesterday and boldly told me who he voted for. Then followed it with “are you proud of who I voted for?”.

Did he choose who I voted for? Yes. Was I happy about that? Deep down, yes. However, I said “I’m proud of you for voting for who you wanted to vote for and that no matter who you vote for, I will always love you, and be proud of you for using your voice.” 

I realized during this election season, well the season of 2020 in general, that my kids are watching me, learning from me, mimicking me, and I have to start being a better example to them. I want them to see me choosing love and not choosing division. Choosing love and not arguing with those who don’t agree with me. Choosing love when the choices I make are criticized. Choosing love when people intentionally disregard what’s important to me. Choosing love when people try to shame me for my beliefs. 

Choosing love because God is love. {1 John 4:7-19}


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