February 26, 2013

There are times in our lives where we decide that we want to be better, we realize we've gotten off track and have made mistakes and we want to change. Sometimes those changes are little and sometimes they are so big that it changes our entire lifestyle.

About a month ago I was getting ready on a Saturday morning and listening to CMT when I heard the new Rascal Flatts song “Changed” come on. The lyrics just hit me and I stopped what I was doing, planted myself in front of the television to watch and listen to the video.

There were lots of different thoughts running through my head, but the one thing that stuck out was just how amazing it was to hear such a well-known artist singing a really inspiring song. I know the song can mean many things to many people, but hearing the lyrics it meant a lot to me. I remember the moments, yes moments, in my life where I realized I needed to get on my knees and change.

I came up out of the water
Raised my hands up to the Father
Gave it all to Him that day
Felt a new wind kiss
Walked away eyes wide open
Could finally see where I was going…

Wow! Beautiful.

This week I found out that Origami Owl is joining forces with country music legend Rascal Flatts to inspire a movement of change across the country.

Rascal Flatts hit single Changed highlights a spiritual revelation that results in a life changed for the better.

They want to inspire people to make a change for the better in their own lives and in the lives of others. Whether it be spiritual, health, lifestyle or otherwise, they hope you will join them on this journey.

If you could do just one thing to change your life for the better, what would it be?

Would you...
+ Spend more time with family?
+ Be a better friend?
+ Live a healthier lifestyle?
+ Improve the quality of your life in some other meaningful way?
+ Pursue your dreams?

Live a life of purpose! Celebrate your decision to change with a limited edition Changed Tag.

Wear your Origami Owl Changed Tag proudly as a message of inspiration, encouragement, and hope for what the future holds or gift it to someone who needs to know you support and encourage their change.

Inspired by the hit single Changed, the limited edition Changed Tag is available for purchase on its own or with Rascal Flatts Changed Single or Deluxe Album digital downloads. While supplies last.

To you get your limited edition Changed Tag please visit here.

Ok lovelies, I’m off to order my Changed Tag now for myself and for a few others I know who have recently made a change that I want to support and encourage. 

Will you do the same? Let’s be the inspiration….lets be the change.


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Fear vs. Hope

February 25, 2013

Today I’m letting my guard down for a little bit to share some pretty raw emotions going on in my heart right now.

This year Jordan and I plan to begin trying for baby #2. I’m really excited for the many obvious reasons, but at the end of the day I’m a tad bit terrified. Honesty at its best. ;)

For those of you who know our journey of trying to get pregnant the first time, you know there were a lot of things we endured. There was a lot of pain, heartache, and joy; a lot of emotions in general. All of which were completely worth it because today I get the privilege to be a mom to the most incredible little munchkin I could ever ask for. However, there were some pretty dark moments in the journey for me and thinking about trying for a baby again reminds me of all those emotions. I’m just a tad bit scared we will endure the same type of journey.

You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, 'I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.' ~Eleanor Roosevelt 

That’s exactly how I felt after that 1st journey, but now that we’re coming up on journey #2 I've been asking myself “can I take all those emotions again?”

Part of me is hesitant, but the bigger part of me is reminded of that life verse I cling to daily which proclaims “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. {Philippians 4:13}

It’s the hope and trust that I have in the Lord that gives me victory already. I have nothing to fear.

Don't be afraid, for I am with you. Do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you. I will help you. I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.” {Isaiah 40:10}

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He will be by my side each step of the way and He will provide the strength I need for any trial that comes our way.

It’s silly to even have a little bit of fear when the God we serve is so big and so faithful, but we are human. The things we tend to fear the most are the things that have already happened to us.

I guess that’s where I’m at right now. However, I’m not going to let this fear get the best of me. I’m going to choose to keep my trust in the Lord who has already given me one little miracle that has been the best thing to happen to Jordan and I. I will not let fear override the joy the Lord has given me.

I don’t know where you’re at in your journey of life, but if there is something you are in fear of; know that you truly have nothing to fear. No matter how hopeless or how bad the journey may be there is someone who is by your side and will give you all the strength you need to look that fear in its face. I believe in you. :)

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Happy Birthday Hubby!

February 21, 2013

I have been blessed with the most amazing hubby ever.  He makes me a better person every single day.  Through every single up and down he has been the most amazing and supportive person.  He makes me laugh and he puts up with me no matter how moody I am.  

While expecting Mason back in 2010 I knew my feelings towards life would change dramatically.  I didn't expect that my feelings towards Jordan would really change much at all.  I already loved him but I didn't quite know how much more I could really love him until I saw him turn into such an amazing father.  I think I fell in love with him a thousand times over just watching him hold Mason.

He always wants to be there with us as a family for each little moment and I am so thankful for that.  The pumpkin patches, the trips to the zoo, the swim lessons; the little things in life he wants to be there with us.  For that I am forever grateful.  He is such a wonderful man who enjoys spending time as a family and I love him eternally for that.  When he comes home late from work or church he isn't sad because he missed dinner or because he had a long day at work, he is always sad because he missed out on spending time with Mason. Having this kind of a father for my son makes me a better mother.  I am so incredibly thankful that I have someone like him who makes me better than I could ever be alone.

I want to wish my amazing hubby a happy birthday! I love you with all of my heart.  I love you more today than I did yesterday and I will love you more tomorrow than I do today.

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Lovely Days Creative Giveaway

February 18, 2013

Hello lovelies! Happy Monday! :)

Hey photographers!! Here’s a little something special for you!

I figured I’d start your week with another giveaway. What could be better this morning? Well, besides staying in my pjs and drinking a cup of coffee while cuddled up on the couch with my boys, but alas….this working mama is actually working her butt off while you read this. ;)

I’m so excited to partner with Sheri from Lovely Days Creative. Her work is absolutely beautiful and she has a huge variety of items available to her customers.

Here’s a little note from Sheri about her business and what she can offer you:

Lovely Days Creative is a design boutique featuring beautiful template designs made exclusively for photographers – designs that reflect their style and passion. The templates in my shop are designed to showcase a photographer’s beautiful images in an eye-catching way while saving them time. They have all been created to be extremely simple to use and always come with full instructions. I’m proud to say that I offer genuine, unmatched customer service with every sale. I welcome any questions about how to use the templates or design in general and am always happy to help any way I can!  Swing by my Facebook page and say hi! I’d love to meet you! Grab a freebie while you’re there! My hope is that Lovely Days Creative will become your preferred destination for beautiful, current designs for your business.

As part of Lovely Days Creative spotlight she has offered to give one of you lucky readers a $50 shopping spree to her store! There’s nothing more than a shopping spree!

Visit Lovely Days Creative Etsy shop, browse around, and leave a comment below stating how you would spend your shopping spree.

ADDITIONAL ENTRIES (leave a comment for each additional entry)
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I Love You Because… {Day 14)

February 14, 2013

I love you because you are my Valentine every year.

Jordan, there are not enough words to express how much I love you and how much you mean to me.

I know there are days when I’m less than pleasant and it takes all you have to put up with my lovely moody moments, but you are everything to me and I hope that as we continue through this journey of life I do a better job of showing you I love you.

You are the most incredible husband a woman could ask for.  You love me in a way that no one else ever could. I’m so thankful that God created you for me. I don’t know where I’d be in this life without you.

I love you so much.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
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I Love You Because… {Day 13)

February 13, 2013

I love you because you are my best friend.

You know me better than anyone else does, you love me better than anyone else can, and you are there for me more than anyone else.

You can look at me and know I’m upset or hurting or stressed. You know when I’m tired. You know when I’m in a good mood. You know what I need when I need it and I’m so lucky to have you by my side.

I can be myself with you. Whether it’s my moody self or goofy self; I never have to be afraid to just be me.

Thank you for being my best friend.
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I Love You Because… {Day 12)

February 12, 2013

I love you because you are an amazing example of what a Godly man should be. You love God wholeheartedly, You seek Him in all you do, You lean on Him, You trust in Him, and you lead your family by setting the example.

You are also one of the most passionate worship leaders I've seen. You are anointed and I’m blessed to be able to lead with you.

I had an amazing time with you this past weekend at the Jesus Culture Tour Concert. There’s nothing better than standing next to you singing our hearts out to Jesus.

Thank you for loving God first because I know that enables you to love me and Mason in the best way possible. Seeing your relationship with the Lord grow constantly means the world to me and I know that it will mean the world to Mason. I love you.
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I Love You Because… {Day 11}

February 11, 2013

I love you because you’re not embarrassed by me and you’re proud that I’m your wife. From the moment we met you never looked at my disability as a hindrance. You became the prince who swept me off my feet and took care of me when I needed it. You became the constant arm to hold on to so that I can get around the store with ease, you became the hand that I needed when I felt like I was going to fall, you became the voice I needed to hear to “slow down, sit down, stop doing so much & relax”, you became the encouragement I needed to hold tight to when I wanted to give up; you became my strength, my hope, my courage, and my confidence in the disability that I always thought would embarrass those that I love. I love you and I thank you for helping me find the beauty in my imperfection. You are the most amazing hubby a girl could ask for.
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Stacy Espinoza Photography Giveaway


Good morning lovelies! I have another awesome giveaway for you!

I have the honor to introduce you to my friend Stacy Espinoza. I have known Stacy for a handful of years now and it’s so encouraging seeing someone with a talent and a passion, and running after it.

Stacy recently launched her business, Stacy Espinoza Photography, and she has some pretty awesome work.

Here is Stacy’s story from her words:

I've always loved photography, I just never had a camera that really let me do anything fun; just your average point and shoot camera.  Well that changed in December of 2011 when my husband and I finally picked out our replacement camera for the one that had been stolen a few years before.  I fell in love with my new camera, took and posted several pictures and was immediately asked by several friends to take pictures for them.  That was the start of Stacy Espinoza Photography.  

I love, love, love newborn sessions and family sessions.  Looking back at 2012 I had 18 sessions, did 2 weddings, and assisted at 3 others.  I'm really looking forward to having even more this year and adding more products to my line up in the coming year.

As part of growing Stacy’s business she is offering one of you lucky readers a chance to win a free 30-45 minute session, with 2- 5x7's, 1-8x10, and 1-11x14 print. Wowsers! That’s a huge giveaway!

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Good luck!


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I Love You Because… {Day 10}

February 10, 2013

I love you because you have some pretty amazing hair. I’m posting this partially because you requested a post about your hair, but its truth; you have awesome hair. Whether it’s short or long you manage to pull off a fab look every day. I’m lucky to have a guy who spends as much time on his hair as I do. I love you and your hair. J
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I Love You Because… {Day 9}

February 9, 2013

I love you because you have the most amazing blue eyes a girl could look into. They are beautiful and just what I need to see at the end of every day. I’m so thankful our sweet little munchkin ended up with those baby blues eyes like his daddy. You know, we’re going to be in trouble because of those blue eyes? I know I couldn’t stay away from them and I know the girls aren’t going to be able to stay away from Mason’s. ;) I love you babe.
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I Love You Because… {Day 8}

February 8, 2013

I love you because there are times out of nowhere that your deeply romantic side comes out and you wow me. Whether it’s sitting next to me on the couch and singing “The Luckiest” while playing guitar, sending me flowers just because, or planning the best birthday getaway night; you amaze me with all the little details you put into making me feel special. I love you.
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I Love You Because… {Day 7}

February 7, 2013

I love you because you work so hard to provide for our family. You care about your clients, you always strive to make sure they are taken care of, and you invest in them. It’s inspiring to see. Thank you for working as hard as you do for us. I love you.

To have my amazing hubby take care of your insurance needs click here.

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I Love You Because… {Day 6}

February 6, 2013

I love you because you are the most incredible father to our precious son. He adores you and it warms my heart. You are such a wonderful father. You act goofy, you run, you play, you sing songs and do goofy dances, you endure cartoon after cartoon, you teach Mason about guitars and playing sports, you sing to him, you love on him, and you guide him. You are everything a little man like that could ever ask for and I’m so thankful for you. I love you so much.
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I Love You Because… {Day 5}

February 5, 2013

I love you because you are passionate about your hobbies; especially guitars. ;) Even though there are days when you are telling me about a pedal or a board or a tone and I just give you the “huh” look. I still love you and your passion behind music, worship, guitars, and all the guitar gear. It’s encouraging. I love you even more because you are instilling the same passions to our little man. I pray he finds joy in the things you teach him and becomes passionate about the things he enjoys. Thank you baby, I love you.
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Little Mister Mustache Bash

February 4, 2013


Mason’s 2nd birthday party was a hit! We had a blast and the theme seemed to go over well.

I promised some details and pictures to those of you already planning a Little Mister Mustache Bash for your munchkin. So, this post will be filled with several pictures and some brief descriptions on how I finished things up. :)

For the decorations I ordered a few balloons and taped some mustaches on them. I used one of the main decorations as the party favors set up. A friend of mine found a vintage suitcase one day and I used that to put all the favors in and it turned out great! 

For the food table I used the amazing cake from Small Town Cakes as the centerpiece and then used the other snacks to decorate the remainder of the table. For the cake stand I used a fruit bowl covered in tissue paper and turned it upside down. I also ordered a Mustache banner as part of the backdrop to the food table. Then I used little decorations here and there to finish things off. {I didn't want to over decorate for the sake of taking away from the cake which in my opinion was the main attraction.}

For the drink cups I taped mustaches on them as well. The water bottles I taped mustaches to the tops and then used labels from my dear friend Abby’s Mustache Bash she threw for her munchkin this past summer. The serving pitcher {which for some reason I don’t have a picture of}  I added crumbled up tissue paper to the bottom to add a little more color. The straws I ordered and then glued mustaches on the tips.

We started the party off by having each family take a photo in our little make shift photo booth. Our friend and neighbor Jessica Miller from Jessica Lynn Photography was our photographer for the day. We will have those fun pictures and her wonderful work featured on another upcoming blog. In the meantime you get my lovely amateur photo taking skills to endure through. ;)

After everyone was able to take a fun photo then we began to dig into some of the goodies.

Maneater Sweets: Cupcakes and Peanut Butter Banana Bites
Lil’ Man Cookies
Stache Bash Snacks: Fishies and pretzels

Then of course it was cake time and then presents!

Simple, fun, and totally worth all the planning. I’m not quite sure how I will top this theme next year. Throw any fun ideas my way. ;)

If any of you want to throw a Little Mister Mustache Bash let me know and I can help. I have also included a list of vendors below where I got all of the supplies for the party.

Thank you to each vendor for making Mason’s 2nd birthday party such a memorable day!


Little Mister Birthday Theme: Studio Lime Design
Photographer: Jess Miller, Jessica Lynn Photography; 
Cake: Tomi Kehr, Small Town Cakes
Cupcakes: Adam’s Cake Shop
Cupcake Topper/Favor Tags: Baby Binkz
Photo Booth Props: Quilted Polka Dot
Mustache Crayon Favors: Posh Paper Creations
Mustache Candy Pops Favors & Mustache Cookies: Mustache mold & cookie cutter compliments of Abby Glassman
Mustache Coaster Favors: Grateful Imperfections
Mason’s Attire: Trendy Ties
Thank You Cards: Jennifer Leonardini
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