It’s what the Lord gave me at the start of this year and I was ready to tackle this year by doing a better job of caring for myself; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.
However, life has been nonstop chaos on so many levels as this time of year typically is. It’s been a long while since I’ve had any issues with my Spina Bifida and I’m incredibly grateful. 

Unfortunately, I pushed the limits and have a little hiccup. It’s forcing me to rest and teaching me how to be ok to let others do things for me. 

The hardest part of all this is seeing the faces on my boys as they see me in pain and struggling. This is the first time they’ve walked with me through something like this and it’s my first real opportunity to show them strength in vulnerability as it directly relates to my disability. 

I will conquer this set back and I will embrace the limitations as I let my body heal. I will learn through this and remind myself just how important it is to slow down. I will continually give Him praise because there’s nothing that can steal my hallelujah. I vow to do a better job of honoring self-care so that I can be present as long as possible for my family. I will choose joy even through the tears of frustration. He is good and I will trust in Him.

If you’re running yourself thin; I encourage you today to slow down and take time to rest your body and your soul. Allow that rest to refresh and restore you. 



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