To all my amazing readers,

First and foremost, I want to wish you a belated Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! I pray that each of you had wonderful holidays with your family and friends!

I know I have been unusually quiet the last few months. I do apologize, but it’s been a very cloudy few months. There has been so much going on within my heart, mind, and spirit that it’s almost better that I’ve been so quiet on my blog.

One of the promises I made when I created this blog was to always remain real, to be open, and to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit when sharing my heart in writing.

There have been so many moments I’ve sat down in front of my computer and began typing and then I just couldn’t find any words. I was just in this funk that I couldn’t shake. As the holidays approached I knew that my Christmas spirit and my excitement to spend time with family and friends would shake the funk off. Or so I thought.

I was praying and spending time with the Lord daily asking for His sweet spirit to wash over me and to help me to feel again. I just wasn’t feeling anything. I was numb. I was blah. I was just here.

The gray cloud above me just wouldn’t go away.  It wasn’t until one night in December I sat down to get ready for bed and told my husband “I’m just not myself.” I started going back over the last few months recounting certain situations and recounting my reactions or lack of reactions. I kept trying to find a reason for my recent funk and then it hit me. The culprit.

As women we endure a lot, as wives we endure even more, and as mothers we endure the most. As embarrassing as it may be, please stay tuned to my next post and what that culprit was, how I recognized it, and how I took steps to help rid of it.




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