Embracing 33

Every year on the same day my birthday arrives and every year I wish it away hoping to forget that I have gotten another year older. Since turning 25 I haven’t been a huge fan of my birthday. I don’t know why it is, but I’m hoping that when I turn 40 that I really just learn to embrace it instead of whining about it and pushing through the day to get it over with.

Even though my attitude is less than exciting on my birthday, I always end up having a fantastic day! It’s all because of my amazing family and friends who shower me with love and spoil me to no end. They really do know how to make me feel special and at the end of every birthday I’m smiling.

This year was one of those birthdays that ranked up near the top. From spending my morning sleeping in a bit and watching a movie in bed with my sweet toddler, to watching my adorable boys enjoying our local fair parade, to enjoying some time relaxing at home, to having my family over to celebrate with me; it was really special. My hubby spoiled me rotten this year and surprised me with some pretty awesome gifts.

I love tea more than I love coffee (which is a lot) and loose leaf tea has always been one of my favorites versus a standard tea bag, but I rarely find a good loose leaf tea at our grocery stores that I’m willing to buy regularly. So, great tea is a rarity for me. Plus, I don’t have anything to brew loose leaf tea in other than a diffuser/cup combo from Pier 1 that always leaves me with floaties. Anyway…..this year my hubby went to Teavana tea and bought me their amazing White Ayurvedic Chai tea. He told me as he was leaving the store he turned around and asked how I was going to brew it and they showed him the Perfect Tea Maker. This birthday girl ended up with that too! I was soooooooo excited! It’s like a French press but for tea and its fantastic! He may have also snuck in my favorite perfume as another gift. See…I told you…he spoiled me! ;)

One of the best parts of my day though was holding my oldest little boy on my lap while hearing him sing happy birthday to me and then sharing in the wish making and blowing out my candles with me. I know it won’t be long before he’s too big to sit on my lap and share in my birthday memories like this. Even though I should cherish the moments on my birthday that make me thankful for turning another year older; I can’t help but cherish each moment that my children and my husband give me. Those are the most important parts of my life.

So, here’s to turning 33. I will embrace it and make this year one of the best years to come!

Thank you again for all the sweet birthday wishes!




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