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When I became a mother my entire world changed and I felt so many new emotions that I didn't even know existed. I’m naturally a worrier and have tried so much over the last few years to ask the Lord to take some of my constant worry about my family and replace it with trust and peace. It’s hard. There are so many things to worry about, especially as the world continues to grow uglier and uglier.

Daily I pray over my family and ask the Lord for protection, healing, and guidance as we go about our days and I know He’s faithful. I’m learning day by day how to trust in Him more, but that’s an entirely different blog post.

I want to go back to the part where I started to experience a new range of emotions as a mother. My heartaches in an incredible for my own children, but I have found that it also aches for other children when I see them hurt, unhappy, or suffering in any way. I never realized how much compassion I would have for children that aren’t even my own, but I do.

Lately, I have been following a few precious little souls that are battling cancer. Childhood cancer is one of those things I cannot wrap my head around. It makes no sense to me. Even as woman who places my trust in the Lord; I still cannot understand why.

Each time I see a picture of a little child fighting for their innocent life because of this horrible disease I’m tearful and my heart aches so much that I barely can stand it. I cannot imagine how those mothers feel watching their children suffer and fight. I pray with all my might I never have to know what they feel.

I know there is not much anyone can do or say to ease the heartache a mother of a child with cancer feels, but every little bit of joy that is brought into their lives can make a difference. I have made it my goal to purchase as often as I am able from a company called PS I Adore You.

PS I Adore you consists of 3 passionate moms committed to bring awareness to childhood cancer. By offering fresh, on-trend items they’ve created a platform to shine a light on courageous children battling their disease. Every purchase funds the fight - talk about guilt-free shopping!

Each month they spotlight a cancer cutie where you can make a direct donation to that little cutie here

You can also purchase items from their deals page where each purchase funds the fight against childhood cancer. 

If you know of a cancer cutie that could use some smiles you can contact the PS I Adore You team here

It’s the little things we do that make the biggest difference.




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