Christmas 2013

We are already close to February and I’m just now posting about Christmas. I know, I know….slacking.

I didn’t realize how exhausted I would get as this pregnancy continued on. Just a couple more weeks and my new little boy will be here, but for now I’m trying my best to get through each day and spend as much time with my little munchkin before life changes for all of us in a big way. So, please accept my apology and my lack of blogging lately.

Christmas this year was a whirlwind. I was big, tired, and I ended up getting the stomach flu on Christmas Eve and it knocked me down the first half of that day. I started to feel better around lunch time and gained enough energy to get our yearly traditions in. Dinner and presents with the in laws followed by cookies and cuddles at home as we prepare for Santa, then Christmas morning we spent some time just the 3 of us before we headed to another family dinner.

We visited Santa three times. Mason LOVES Santa. He would light up each time he saw Santa anywhere. He also had his first Christmas performance at church where he decided it'd be cooler to sit the entire time rather than stand like the rest of the kids. We had lots of giggles and silly moments this year. My little munchkin is growing up into the cutest little boy my heart has ever know.

He was just so cute this year about Christmas. He loved everything about it and of course enjoyed getting presents. He was so appreciative of everything he got and was so sweet about it. We did have our meltdown moments, but the chaos the holidays bring is tough on a toddler. He would get overstimulated in situations that he wasn’t used to, but I can’t blame him. The busyness was a little overwhelming for this prego as well. Next year we plan to lessen our schedule and spend a little more time at home as a family. I'm looking forward to it. :)

Here are a few photos over our Christmas celebrations. I pray your holidays were just as fun and exciting! I can’t wait until next year and yes….I’m already counting down. ;)




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