24 Hours

One of the bloggers I follow weekly does a 12 hour post every now and then. She puts the cutest pictures in there and gives a play by play of a 12 hour span. Check one out here

I decided what a fun idea. However, I figured I’d do a snapshot of 24 hours. Not every single hour because I do get to sleep a little bit in there and I’ll spare you pictures of each hour I snapshot because trust me; my photos aren’t as cute as hers. ;)

5:30am Wake up.
Mr. Mason likes to wake up early since DST. Oh the joys.

6am Get dinner started for tonight
Boiled the noodles and cooked the chicken so I can make the rest of the Cracked OutChicken Noodle Casserole.

 6:30am Get myself ready.

7am Finish getting Mason around & head out to the door to daycare.

7:30 Drop off the munchkin and head to work.

8am-12pm Work.

12pm-1pm Lunch.
I usually spend my lunch running errands, getting as many groceries as I can, or doing fun things like balancing my check book.

1pm-5pm Work.

5:15pm Pick up the munchkin from daycare.

5:30pm Get home and get Mason his dinner (he likes to eat right away).
I then make sure he’s ok to play or watch some cartoons while I get dinner going.

5:45pm Get home and make dinner or prepare what’s left for me to prepare.

6pm Sit down to eat.

6:30pm Clean up the kitchen, put away leftovers, make my lunch for the next day.

7pm Bath time for Mason.
While he bathes/plays I get our clothes around for the next day, get his jammies ready, and turn down his bed so it’s ready for him.

7:30pm Cartoons and relaxation time for Mason.
Mama gets a little snuggle time in with her little boy while he relaxes.

8pm Mason’s bed time.
A time where we read books or get a little playing in.

8:15pm Pick up the living room and finish cleaning up the kitchen.

8:30pm Fold and put away as much laundry as I can.

9pm Get in the shower

9:15pm Lie in bed and watch TV with the most handsome hubby ever.

9:30pm Out like a light.
Yes, it’s almost embarrassing, but usually I’m sound asleep by 9:30pm or if I’m lucky 10pm.

12am Get up to go the bathroom.

2am Mason wakes up cold because he constantly kicks off his covers.
I go in to cover him up and rub his back for a few minutes or if I’m desperate I’ll wake the hubby up so he can take care of Mason.

5am Mason starts to get restless as he begins to slowly wake up.

5:30am We’re at it again…..

I told you my snapshot of a day is not as exciting. However, exciting or not, it’s my life and I love it. I’m blessed to have a job, I’m blessed to be a mother, I’m blessed to be a wife, and I’m blessed to have all the things I need on a daily basis.

Things may get chaotic and overwhelming at times, but to come home at the end of every day and spend time with my boys is the greatest gift and makes all the chaos worth it.



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