Gender Reveal Party Preview

With this new little munchkin on the way we decided to throw a Gender Reveal Party; a new trending way to tell everyone what you're having. I totally would've had one with Mason had they been around then or had I known about them.

I didn't want to do anything extravagant or go overboard. So, I planned a very simple and fairly cheap party.

When I plan a party I usually pick my theme and plan to dress up one main table around that theme. Then I use a cake as the main centerpiece. I'm so thankful for the talent my friend Tomi from Small Town Cakes has. I give her a theme/idea and she creates the best centerpieces for me. Once I have my cake then I dress the table up around that.

Here's a little preview of our party. I will have more pictures and details to come in the next couple weeks so stay tuned.



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