Precious Moments

Moments like these will never escape my memory. It’ll be a moment that I think back on as I watch my little boy go to school for the first time, play at his first sports event, take his first girlfriend on a date, graduate high school, leave for college…every milestone I will be balling my eyes out wishing more than ever I could keep him little just like this. I’m totally balling my eyes out right now typing this. Blame it on the pregnancy hormones or blame it on the simple fact that motherhood is the most amazing thing in the world and it’s full of many emotions.

There are days when motherhood has me beyond frazzled and overwhelmed. Days when I can’t seem to understand what my little guy is trying to tell me and then throws a full tantrum when after the 10th time I still don’t understand what he’s asking of me or the mornings he just doesn't want to get up and is a complete bear and we’re on a time crunch to get out of the door or the times when he chooses not to eat a thing but then begs for chocolate and I just want to give in so he has some calories or the times when he’s sick and refuses to take his medicine to get better. The list goes on and all of you mothers know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s not easy, but it’s wonderfully beautiful and more than I could’ve ever hoped for.

As I prepare for baby #2, I’m taking as much one on one time with my munchkin as I can to enjoy the simplicity that life can bring us once in a while. From reading a book to quick cuddle; I’m savoring every moment I have with him; just him and me.

The other night was gorgeous, cool, and a perfect time to get outside to enjoy fresh air. We brought out puzzles and his favorite book right now “Brown Bear,Brown Bear, What Do You See?” turned up the toddler station on Pandora, and spent the evening on the porch.

As my little guy pretended to be a Power Ranger catching all the monsters with his sword while singing nursery rhymes, I sat in a chair and just watched him be the cutest little boy I’ve ever seen. The next thing I know he turns around, pulls out his little chair, squeezes it next to me at the wall of deck barely fitting, looks up at me, grabs my hand, and says “Mama, I love you.” Then he turned around and we just sat there for a few minutes and it was absolutely perfect. {Bring on the tears again.}

It meant the world to me to have him hold my hand and tell me he loved me. There’s something completely different about the love you feel from your child; something magical, unexplainable, and fulfilling.

I love you my sweet Mason Jordan. With all my heart.


Your Mama


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