Oh The Places You'll Go

Reading has been one of those nightly traditions that we started with Mason from day one. I read to Mason when he was still in the womb and I started reading to him every night once he was born. There is tons of research stating how beneficial reading is for our children early on, and seeing how much he loves books, how he dives right in with his imagination, and how excited he is when he gets a new book makes me so happy.

Reading has always been one of my favorite things to do. A time where I can lose myself in a book and escape the reality of the world around me. I love it! Reading to my son is even more enjoyable because I get to see his face get lost in the story with each page we turn.

I truly believe that reading to Mason has helped him establish an early vocabulary and has encouraged his imagination which I believe it is important for children to have.

There are specific advantages to reading to your children at an early age. For more details on each of these advantages visit this site.

1. A stronger relationship with you.
2. Academic excellence.
3. Basic speech skills.
4 The basics of how to read a book.
5. Better communication skills.
6. Mystery of language.
7. More logical thinking skills.
8. Acclamation to new experiences.
9. Enhanced concentration and discipline.
10. The knowledge that reading is fun!

I'm so thankful for the love of reading that Mason has and I enjoy getting him new books for him to learn.

If you don't currently have a routine reading schedule with your kiddo I encourage you to begin now. It's never too late. :)

If you need to increase your reading library for your kiddos I have found a lot of great books through Usborne Books & More. This is also a good time to start your Christmas shopping and why not buy your little one some books for Christmas? If you'd like to look at their catalog of books you can visit their website. I know they do party hosting as well so if you'd like an opportunity to throw a party to earn hostess rewards you can contact them online.

I encourage you before bedtime tonight to read your favorite childhood book to your kiddo {if you still have it} and enjoy those precious moments with them curled up in your lap where you both can escape into the book. :)



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