Apple Pickin'


One of my favorite fall activities is picking apples then going home to bake an apple pie. Oh my deliciousness!

Last year because of the local drought there was no apple picking and I was devastated. So, this year when the first weekend in September hit, I was ready to go!

It was about 90 degrees out, Mason was sick with an ear infection and a cough, and this prego mama was tired. It wasn't completely enjoyable, but we seemed to capture most of the happy moments. I figured it probably wouldn't be much fun if I took pictures Mason throwing a tantrum in the middle of the orchard floor, but hey, that's the reality of life with a toddler. ;)

As soon as we got home I put an apple pie in the oven and by the time the Notre Dame game was on we enjoyed some warm apple pie. A typical fall day in our household.

Hoping you are enjoying your fall! :)



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