Rain Puddles

Lately as I stare at my precious little boy and I think about the pace of life; I wish more than ever time could slow down so that I could see his smiles more, hear his laughs more, and enjoy the little moments more often. Unfortunately, life isn't always fair when it comes to the daily busyness of working full time and being a full time wife and mama.

However, I’ve come to realize that it’s up to us to stop, slow down, and take moments to enjoy the little things.

My goal the last few months after reading a blog about taking time to stop and smell the roses and stop rushing our children, has been not to rush Mason in anything he does. Granted sometimes he needs a little push in the right direction, but when we’re walking to the car and he sees a bird or the moon or the teeniest of bugs and he wants to stop to check it out, I let him.

This morning as we were running late as usual, we were getting out of the car at daycare when I happened to see a big rain puddle from the storm last night and I decided to stop rushing and enjoy a precious moment with my munchkin.

I got him out of the car while telling him there was a big rain puddle I wanted to show him. We got over to the puddle and he said “it’s rain mama!” and I replied “yep it’s a rain puddle; do you want to jump in it?” Without hesitation he took a giant leap into the puddle, giggled, and continued to head inside.

Though it lasted but a few moments, it meant something to me as a mother who is constantly trying to be a better mother, a mother who’s trying to slow down and enjoy every minute of life, a mother with baby #2 on the way who’s trying to savor each second I have alone with my 1st born who is the light of my life, a mother just trying.

I dropped my little boy off at daycare, left with several hugs and kisses goodbye which is my fave, and then headed back to my car. I came up to that puddle my little boy just jumped in and I said to myself “it’s my turn” and took a giant leap in that puddle.

Today I encourage you to stop, take a moment, and take a giant leap into a rain puddle. No matter how young or old you are or where you’re at, take the leap. It will make you smile; I promise. J




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