A Dream Is Wish Your Heart Makes

In the typical chaos of life it’s important to sit back, take some time to reflect, pray, relax, etc. Last week during some alone quiet time (which is a rarity) I decided to do all of those things. As you realize by now when I think too much my mind starts to wander into areas that it probably shouldn’t. {I tend to overthink; anyone else do the same?}

As a child you have dreams that at the time seem reachable, but then as you grow up they start to seem out of reach. Are they really out of reach though?  I began to think about all the hopes and dreams I had for my life when I was younger; back when I had that “when I grow up” mind frame. Well, now that I’m grown up am I what I wanted to be? Surprisingly yes, but not in the way I originally imagined.

At first I started to feel a little sad that I wasn’t a singer touring the country or a nurse saving lives, and then I realized that I’m actually all the things I ever dreamed of being. Just in different ways.  I’m a wife married to my prince charming (dream 1), I’m a mom to the sweetest little boy my heart could know (dream 2),  I’m using my gift to sing by traveling locally and leading worship (dream 3), and I get to take care of my precious family with every boo-boo, booger, fall, or scrap (dream 4).

Even though it may seem that my dreams were in the distant, they really have been coming true right in front of my face. I just had to take the time to open up my eyes and realize it.

If you come to a point in your life where you begin to feel like you didn’t chase your dreams or that they haven’t come true; open up your eyes a little wider. I bet they really have come true and you just haven’t noticed yet.

Never give up. Keep on dreaming and believe they will come true.



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