I Love You Because… {Day 11}

I love you because you’re not embarrassed by me and you’re proud that I’m your wife. From the moment we met you never looked at my disability as a hindrance. You became the prince who swept me off my feet and took care of me when I needed it. You became the constant arm to hold on to so that I can get around the store with ease, you became the hand that I needed when I felt like I was going to fall, you became the voice I needed to hear to “slow down, sit down, stop doing so much & relax”, you became the encouragement I needed to hold tight to when I wanted to give up; you became my strength, my hope, my courage, and my confidence in the disability that I always thought would embarrass those that I love. I love you and I thank you for helping me find the beauty in my imperfection. You are the most amazing hubby a girl could ask for.


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