Turning 2...A Day for Mason

Well my little munchkin turned 2 on January 25th and I decided that while he’s not in school, I will spend each birthday spoiling him.

We started the day by letting him sleep in which meant this mama could sleep in a bit. ;) After he woke up we cuddled in bed watched some cartoons and let the little guy wake up a bit. Once he was ready to jump out of the bed and head to play we led him to the living room for a birthday surprise.

The night before I covered the living room floor with green and blue balloons and Jordan put together his big birthday gift. We decided it’d be fun to let him have his big gift first thing in the morning. So, we told him to close his eyes for his surprise and then we brought out a really cool Retro Radio Flyer Tricycle. He was SO excited! It was the cutest thing.

We followed up his gift with some warm cinnamon rolls for breakfast then got ready to continue on with some birthday traditions.

Each year I plan to spoil Mason by taking him to my favorite local bakery to pick out a yummy treat. This year he picked out a big heart shaped cookie covered in pink frosting. I’m bummed to have not gotten a picture of his cute little face covered in cookie crumbs.

We ran a few more errands then ended up at home for a nap filled afternoon. However, there was no napping for this party planning mama. I had cleaning and decorating to do for his Little Mister Mustache Bash. There is a little preview of his party décor up above. {Birthday party blog to come later this week.}

We ended the evening by opening more presents, eating pizza and cupcakes with family, and enjoying the precious moments of our sweet boy’s 2nd birthday.

I’m blessed to have these moments in my life. Whether I take a ton of pictures or not; these memories will never fade and they will always hold a special place in my heart.



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