Christmas was so much fun this year with Mason! He was so excited about Santa Claus and presents. It is definitely a Christmas to remember.

We went to Essenhaus for Christmas Eve lunch/dinner with my in laws and then went back to their house to open presents. Mason played Santa and passed out everyone presents. It was the cutest thing.

That night we went home to continue on our family tradition of making cookies for Santa, opening a present (although Mason wasn't thrilled about the socks he chose to open, so he opened 2 presents), then we read "The Night Before Christmas", put the munchkin to bed, and then "Santa" came. The hubby and I were so excited to see Mason's reaction on Christmas morning.

Christmas morning we got Mason up and took him to the living room to see all the stuff Santa brought him. He was so excited. I loved it. Then he passed out everyone's presents again. ;) There is nothing better than seeing the sweet and innocent excitement of Christmas in your child's eyes. It was the perfect gift.

We opened presents, played with new toys, spent some time as a family, and then got ready for the rest of the day with family.

It was a wonderful Christmas and I'm already looking forward to next year's Christmas.

I hope you all enjoyed time with family and friends!



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