30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 25 Being a Mother

One of the greatest gifts in my life has been my precious baby boy, Mason. He has changed my world in such a way that I never would've imagined.

I am beyond thankful to be his mother and to be a mother in general.

Living with Spina Bifida has always been a challenge, but when I decided I wanted to have a baby, it put up even more of a challenge with my doctors. Several of my doctors were asking me not to get pregnant, but I knew I was meant to be a mother and I knew that nothing and no one would stop me. ;) I’m stubborn.

Anyway, my little miracle was born on 1/25/11 and my life instantly changed. My heart grew more and my role in this life became so much more important.

It’s an honor to be a mother, it’s a huge responsibility, and it’s an incredible blessing; and every day I’m thankful for it.



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