Pumpkin Painting

A new family tradition of pumpkin painting began this year. I’m such a fan of family traditions so I was thrilled to introduce pumpkin painting to my little munchkin for the first time, but I don’t think everyone else was as excited as I was.

It started with a fight to get Mason stripped down to a diaper (the kid just doesn't like to take his clothes off) and then continued on with some firm convincing of the hubby to paint a pumpkin. You would think my boys would be so excited to paint pumpkins. Geez la weez!

Once we got started Mason loved it. He concentrated so hard on painting his pumpkin. It was the cutest thing ever.

We had a few little episodes of “owie” moments when Mason would get paint on his fingers. My little munchkin doesn't like his fingers to be dirty and each time something finds its way to sticking on him, he comments “owie” with the expectation you’ll wipe it off. It’s pretty stinking adorable.
The hubby thoroughly enjoyed the pumpkin painting, can you tell? He decided to be extra creative and paint it black. Ha! Hey, at least he painted the pumpkin I suppose. :)

At one point Mason looked up to see his daddy’s painted pumpkin all in black. Being the daddy’s boy he is, he had to mirror was daddy was doing. So, of course he began to paint over his entire colorful masterpiece with the lovely color of black. Oh my boys…they make me smile.

No matter the color both pumpkins turned out perfectly! I was so proud to display them on our front porch with the other fall decorations.
I’m hoping next year the pumpkin painting will be a bit more colorful and exciting. ;)



  1. Lol. Well it looks like your husband started to try stripes and then changed his mind... Love that your little one copied! So cute! And so fun!

  2. There was some hope for a decorative pumpkin for a short time. ;)


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