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Though Mason’s 1st birthday party was almost a year ago I couldn't help but blog about it, even now. It’s something I would've blogged about at the time of his party if I had my blog up then anyway. ;)

I LOVE to party plan! If you ever need help planning any sort of party or wedding let me know. I was so excited to plan Mason’s 1st birthday party. Some say I went overboard, but I don’t think you can ever go overboard when it’s comes to the 1st birthday party. It’s a huge milestone for our munchkins!

Mason’s room is themed in Vintage Owls and I wanted to plan his birthday party with the same theme. I know as he gets older he’ll want to pick his own party themes, so I figured that his 1st and 2nd birthday party themes will be all mine to choose and have fun with. His 2nd birthday party is already planned & will be even cuter than his 1st birthday!

When party planning I find it’s easier to pick your theme idea, find an invitation style you like, then build the rest of the party around that. Once you have the invitation picked out you can work with the colors of the party. I was lucky to find a shop on Etsy that not only made the invitations, but made an entire 1st birthday kit to go with it. That was a HUGE time saver. Not only did she design the stuff, she printed it, and sent it in the mail to me all ready to go.

Once I had all that taken care of I was able to order the cake to match, plan the rest of the menu which all depends on the time of the day of the party, and of course find the perfect outfit for Mason, which I got from Etsy as well. I’ll be spotlighting Made 4 You Boutique next month so you’ll get to learn more about all the things they offer.

Next I worked on party favors, which are a must in my opinion for a 1st birthday. I wanted to do something special for the kids and decided to go homemade. For the young ones I made homemade glitter bottles; a sensory item. For the older kiddos I made homemade play dough. Each family also got to take home a favor that was filled with candy that included a thank you for coming to the party note. I also bought several coloring books and crayons for the kiddos because I knew there was a chance they’d get bored at some point. After the party they were able to take them home as well.

The party was a complete success in my opinion. I can’t wait for Mason’s 2nd birthday party. I’ll be sure to give you more detailed instructions on planning, preparing, and celebrating.

For more information on how I planned this party, what I made, where I got my decorations, food, ideas, etc. just send me a message through the Contact page. I’m happy to share anything and everything I can.


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