I’m excited to share with you Hopeknots! A beautiful friend of mine owns this business that is meant to build hope for youth with stylish accessories for babies, children, and YOU!

I was first introduced to Hopeknots when my photographer, Nicole Mehl, used one of their hats during Mason’s newborn shoot. It was so stinking cute!

Then for Mason’s 1st Christmas I decided he needed a Santa hat and I didn't want the typical Santa hat you can get at any store. I wanted a handmade one that would mean something and that we could hang on to and pass down. So, I contacted Danielle at Hopeknots and had the cutest Santa hat made for Mason.

100% of all Hopeknots proceeds go towards Youth Empowerment through the Sonnyvilla House of H.O.P.E. Because of this they are always looking for donated yarn, especially this year since they will be teaching the girls to crochet! If you have any to spare please let Danielle know.

Through Sonnyvilla, Danielle opens up her home to inner city girls. She started Hopeknots as a way to raise money to support the Girls House of H.O.P.E. 

You can view items for sale on by visiting her store on Etsy or visit her on Facebook.  If you would like to request a custom item, please don't hesitate to send Danielle a message.

More on Sonnyvilla's House of H.O.P.E.

Sonnyvilla is a nonprofit organization in South Bend, Indiana. Our Houses of H.O.P.E (Homes Openly Providing Encouragement) are established to build hope for youth by encouraging emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical maturity in a comfortable family-style setting. By developing life sustaining relationships, we create positive, flourishing environments for youth in our community to effectively engage in as opposed to their ever increasing negative surroundings.

Each home is committed to equipping youth with life essential principles for daily living, establishing healthy relationships, excelling in education, gaining social and economic empowerment, promoting spiritual growth, and engaging in hands on learning activities as a team/family unit. We begin our journey together each day with “family time” around the dinner table. The key ingredient to maximizing our effectiveness is developing these homes within walking distance of middle schools and opening them up to youth during the “at risk” hours of 3-7 pm weekdays as well as on the weekend.

For more information on Sonnyvilla and how you can get involved please visit their website.


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