Jordan and Krista are a husband and wife duo of worship leaders. Jordan and Krista have been leading worship together since 2004.  Krista began leading worship in 2000 and a few years later learned of Jordan’s talent for music and heart for worship and they’ve been together ever since. They travel regionally leading worship and sharing their heart for ministry.

Shortly after Jordan and Krista married, Jordan took a worship position and a youth position in Elkhart, IN. After 2 years they felt God leading them into a different direction; to step out to pursue another career. However, their passion for music and worship continued to grow. In the fall of 2012 they began traveling locally to lead worship where there was a need. It was then they felt God tugging at their hearts and leading them to grow their ministry of helping local churches.

Jordan and Krista learned a lot during their time on staff there in Elkhart. They understand that there are weeks as a worship leader you just want to step back, get off the platform, and worship with your congregation. However, not all churches have the resources or the people to step up and give the worship pastor a Sunday off or maybe it’s not easy for a worship pastor to take a Sunday off to spend with his family due to finances.

That’s where the ministry Jordan and Krista have begun comes in. Their heart is to help worship leaders get that Sunday off, get that Sunday to enjoy worship off the platform while standing next to their spouses and children, and not have to worry about anything.

Jordan and Krista have made themselves available to churches that need them for a Sunday here and there to allow their worship pastor a Sunday off. It’s their heart to serve, to help, and to lead.

Jordan and Krista also lead worship for local youth rallies and are available for any conventions, conferences, and rallies you may have coming up.

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