30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 8 My Sister

I’m truly blessed to have such a beautiful sister. I’m very thankful for her and her friendship to me.

My sister is one of the bravest people I know. She has been through many ups and downs in her life, but she fights each battle with a strength I admire and she comes out winning every time. She’s a fighter and I’m so proud of the woman she is striving daily to be.

She also gave me the sweetest most precious niece anyone could ask for. ;)

To my beautiful sister,
I love you with only a love an older sister could have; a love that carries your burdens with you, a love that desires to protect you, a love that strives to encourage you, a love that wants to be your strength when you don’t feel you have enough, a love that holds a special place in my heart that will always be there for you. I hope and pray that you remember each day how incredibly special you are and how much you mean to me.

I found this cute article online and just had to post this checklist.

10 things I've learned about having a sister now that I'm in my 20s 30s:
You can't really fight with/annoy anyone else like you can fight with/annoy your sister.
You see yourselves in them -- literally.
Your little sister can be cooler than you, and that's okay.
If you can share a bathroom, you can share anything.
Little sisters can be teachers, too.
Sisters make the best traveling companions.
Sisters give the best gifts
Sisters change -- and that can be a good thing.
They'll always surprise you.
A good walk with your sister can fix anything.

Call your sister today and tell her how much you love her. No matter how long it’s been or how hard it is to say those three words let her know you care. :)



  1. Well written. I have been Blessed with 2 Beautiful Daughters whom I am very proud of. PTL.
    I love yous, Dad


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