Preparing for the Little Mister Mustache Bash

When planning a party I always try to get as much done beforehand as I can. That way the night before and the day of the party I can focus on the decorating and any food preparation there may be. Planning in advance also allows me to spend as much time as I can spoiling that cute little blue eyed munchkin you see on his birthday.

Some of the things I was able to get done the weekend before Mason’s party was bake and freeze all of the cookies for the party, spray paint the frame for his photo booth, and make/order all of the favors.
I made simple sugar cookies in the shape of mustaches and frosted them before freezing them. I brought them out the night before Mason’s party and they were still soft and just as yummy.

For Mason’s photo booth frame I bought a cheap frame at Goodwill for $8 and spray painted the frame to match the colors of his party and also the colors in his room. I had a dual purpose for this frame. ;) I saved the backing to the frame and spray painted that with chalk board paint. Now that the party is over, I will put the chalkboard and the frame back together and hang it in Mason’s room.  There is nothing better than getting your bang for your buck with two purposes.

Along the way I also put together the mustache straws, labeled the water bottles, and froze the Peanut Butter Banana Bites; just a few things to get done before the big day.

I’m quite the planner so each week there was something new that I was getting done so that I wasn't overwhelmed come birthday week. I'd have to say it out worked out well and there were still some moments of being overwhelmed, but I think that's just my nature. {lucky me!}

In my Turning 2….A Day for Mason post I talked about his new retro Radio Flyer tricycle. Here a couple pictures of the awesome new toy and the love Mason has for it. {I’m not sure if he was kissing it with admiration or just resting his lips there…lol.}


Here are a few other pictures from his birthday. You can see him hanging tight to his buddy Buzz Lightyear. I'm not quite sure he knew what to think about Buzz Lightyear being on his new jammies. However, he's worn them every night this week.

The Romeo & Juliet book is a new series of books called Baby Lit Books that we found at the Hammes Bookstore at Notre Dame. Of course most of the books there were more girly classics, but I couldn't resist getting him one. I think these books are just absolutely adorable!

Next post I plan to share the fun party pictures. Stay tuned lovelies!


PS-Check out my new FB page. It’s something new I’m really excited about.


  1. What a great little family you have Krista! Mason is the cutest and luckiest little dude. So, how do you feel about arranged marriages? HA! I would never do that to Kayleigh! :) teehee :)

  2. Thank you Sara! :) You are too funny! I'd almost like to do an arranged marriage so I could make sure he marries who I want. ;)


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