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Over the last couple months Mason has asked me on numerous occasions who I planned to vote for and would continually ask me why. He would then ask me why I wasn’t going to vote for the other guy. When he first asked me, I was driving, and told him I wasn’t sure how to answer him. I will be honest, in that moment the Holy Spirit was guiding me in a direction I wasn’t sure I was prepared to go. So, I told Mason to give me a little bit and we’d talk about it more.  We got home that day, I asked God to show me how best to speak to my son about a topic that I wasn’t even sure he was old enough to talk about it, and then I realized that the pushing of the Holy Spirit was a beautiful way for me to be an example to my son.  I shared with Mason attributes of both candidates, I never once spoke badly about either, I shared what was important to me and why, and I let him know that the only way for me to choose was to spend time praying asking God for guidance. I told him that when making my c

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