The Dreaded Mammogram


About 3 weeks ago I was part of several different conversations with friends and a couple coworkers where breast cancer, yearly ob/gyn appointments, and mammograms were brought up. In each of those conversations, someone else brought up the topic, it was never once initiated by me. After the 3rd day of hearing about these things I took it as gentle push from the Holy Spirit to call and get my yearly ob/gyn appointment scheduled where I’d bring up having a mammogram. I made that call on 1/10 and then on 1/12 I found a lump. 

The amount of fear and “what ifs” that flooded my mind in that moment is indescribable unless you’ve been there. I called the doctor the following morning where they scheduled me to see a doctor right when I returned from Denver.

I was already dealing with some personal family things that week and wasn’t sure I how I’d mentally survive the next few days knowing I was heading to Denver for a work trip with this on my mind. My typical response in situations like these is to buckle down, suck it up, and power through – on my own. However, as my amazing hubby held me as I cried the night I found the lump, I let myself be truly vulnerable for a moment and knew this wasn’t something I should do without my tribe. 

I asked for prayers of strength to sustain me as I traveled, I asked for peace that everything would be ok, I asked that all results would declare no cancer, and I let the people around me help carry this burden for me. When I returned from Denver, I saw a doctor who found another lump so he scheduled me for a mammogram and an ultrasound. I walked into the hospital with peace and walked out with gratitude. They ended up finding a 3rd lump, but after the ultrasound, confirmed that they were just cysts and everything looked ok. I follow up with my doctor in a couple weeks, but my heart is relieved.

I’m thankful for friends and family to carry me when I’m not strong enough. I’m thankful for prayer warriors who are reaching the Heavens on my behalf. I’m thankful for a husband who holds me when I’m scared and reminds me that no matter what he’s there and we’ll be ok. I’m thankful for a God who loves me so deeply to provide me strength, peace, and results that give me more days to breathe easier. 

Why do I share this? Well, I turn 42 this year and I had avoided having a mammogram when I turned 40 and again when I turned 41. Breast cancer runs in my family. I watched my maternal grandma lose her battle to it and I guess part of me was just scared of what could be. I now firmly stand on the truth that the best prevention is early detection. Don’t delay having it because you’re scared or inconvenienced. Do regular exams. Encourage others to get it done in the same way others encouraged me a few weeks ago. Schedule one today if you have any concerns.💗







  1. I'm sad you had to deal with this lately, but so glad this has had a good outcome for you! hugs..... Jill H


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