I'll Never Stop....

January 2023 brought some health concerns that I hoped I’d never have to walk through. I knew that as I inherited certain health issues that one day cancer and heart disease would be part of the conversations. 

Never did I think it’d come as soon as it did.


My doctors have been amazing and ran as many tests as they could in January and then we had to wait until June/July to run more invasive tests to get the answers we needed.


I was scared, I was worried, I was angry, I was sad; I was all the things one could be at the thought of having breast cancer or heart disease.


I let Jesus have every emotion I had and then summer arrived; it was time for tests and answers. I leaned into Jesus and my prayer warrior community and dove head first into accepting whatever He had for me. I knew that no matter what the outcome was, I’d be ok, my boys would be ok, Jordan would be ok. I’d fight as hard as I could to survive whatever the outcome. 


I spent my days leading up to each test just worshipping Him. No matter what, He was worthy of my song. I’ve spent the last 6 months questioning a lot, but what I’ve never questioned was His worth in my life.


As results came in giving me another year of life without cancer and heart disease, I was full of gratitude, but the reality is, every 6 months for the rest of my life I will have a test that will determine my future and that’s not an easy thing to accept.


So, I have a choice. Let the fear of the next test consume me or allow the Father to give me the peace I need and worship Him with everything within me no matter what.


I choose to worship Him. He will never stop being worthy of my praise. I’ll never stop singing His praise. No matter what I walk through, He will always be worthy. 


Maybe this is an encouragement for you or maybe this will be a post I look at in 6 months as a reminder to the hope and love I have I in Jesus. A reminder if you will to hang on tight to whatever is next.


No matter what it is, I pray you never stop singing your song of worship to the King. He’s worthy. He loves you. He’s for you. He’s good. ❤️


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