Dream Big for Your Littles.

This morning I came across a video of a worship song from Bethel Music and leading it was Peyton Allen, a young man fully anointed and so talented. Ten seconds into the song I was bawling my eyes out. Like full on ugly cry. I sat for a moment, felt the emotions overcome my heart, and then I asked the Spirit “what is this that I’m feeling?”, “why am I feeling it?”, “why is it so heavy”, “what are you showing me Lord?”.

He let me sit in for a little longer before speaking to my heart and giving me this incredibly beautiful vision. Friends, He’s good and He's capable of showing us the most amazing things if we are willing to open our hearts and eyes to see it. I watched this young man lead this song that I’ve led myself, but you know what I saw? I saw my boys leading it, I saw my boy’s arms lifted high singing to their King, I saw my boys growing into these strong passionate leaders for Christ. I saw a beautiful vision of the hope and prayers I have placed in Christ for my boy’s future. Then He spoke to my heart and reminded me to “dream big for your littles”.
We spend a lot of our lives dreaming big for ourselves. Praying and hoping for His will to accomplish the desires of our hearts, but this morning I’m reminded that as a mother I’m to dream big for my littles as well. I was reminded this weekend by a friend that my boys belong to the Lord; it’s my job to parent them and protect them, but I must remember that it’s also my job to trust Christ with them. That’s not easy for me.

Today, not only am I learning to trust Him more with my children, I’m learning that I get to dream big for them too. That I get to pray amazing things for their future, that I get to pray over their friends, their relationships, their accomplishments, even their mistakes. I get to pray over these things; I get to trust in Christ with them. I’m grateful for this beautiful reminder today.

Wherever you’re at in your parenting walk, I pray you are encouraged today. I pray you can trust Christ more with your children and that you are dreaming big for them.

Grab some tissues and watch the video below that moved my heart so deeply this morning. I can’t imagine the feeling Peyton’s parents feel watching him lead worship. I can’t wait for that day as a parent!!!



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