Happy Father's Day!

Six years ago when I said “I do” to this amazing man I was so in love with him. Little did I know then how much more in love with him I would be each day. I thought at that moment my love for him was beyond describable, but the first time I saw him holding our 1st son I fell even harder and then when I saw him hold our 2nd son for the first the time I fell again. There is something indescribable about the love you feel when you see the man of your dreams holding your precious children in his arms.

My husband is such an amazing father to our boys. His love for our boys makes my heart beat even faster for him. As a mother you strive daily to be the best kind of mother you can be to your children, but I can honestly say that without Jordan I wouldn’t be the mom I hoped to be the moment I held my boys. He makes me a better mom, he makes me a better person, and there’s no one else in this life I’d want to share this journey of parenthood with.

I’m so thankful for his desire to be a Godly leader to our family, his desire to raise our boys with strength and character, his desire to see them enjoy their childhood, and the constant love he pours into their lives. There’s not a day that goes by where he doesn’t kiss his boys a million times or tell them he loves them over and over. Those acts and words of affirmation are life changing to children and I’m blessed to know that my husband will be the kind of man who isn’t too tough or too busy to love on our children daily.

He’s the kind of dad that after a hard day’s work when he’s barely got anything left to give; he will go and love on our littlest boy while our oldest finishes dinner, then he will put his dinner on hold to play swords with our oldest or play hide and seek or simply just hold him on the couch while they watch golf or baseball. He’s the kind of dad that will lie on the floor of our son’s room when he has a bad dream or just doesn’t want to fall asleep without his daddy in there. He’s the kind of dad that will cheer with sincere excitement when our son poops on the potty. He’s the kind of dad who will do all he can to see our boys happy and well taken care of. He’s the kind of dad that invests in his children’s lives and for that I will forever be grateful.

However, Jordan is not the kind of dad that will hold caterpillars! LOL! {Sorry babe, I couldn't resist!}

I knew the moment I gave my heart to this man that I was making one of the best decisions of my life. The moment I decided to have children with him was the next best decision. There is no other man that I want our boys to have the opportunity to learn from and look up to daily. He means the world to me if you can’t tell that by now. ;)

Happy Father’s Day my love! Thank you for being the most incredible father to our boys. Your love for them is something special.




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