This year was the first year we took Mason trick or treating and oh my goodness was he the cutest thing EVER!

I had no idea what to expect with a strong willed 2 year old who loves chocolate. If I'm honest I will say I was a little nervous he'd get upset if he didn't get he right candy or didn't get more than one.

However, this little guy filled my heart on Halloween and showed me just how sweet he truly is.

We decided to visit our neighbor friends first. We walked up to the door where Mason was all decked out in his Captain America costume and his pumpkin to gather candy. We knocked on the door and said trick or treat and then Mason proceeded to hand out his candy to his friends. I thought it was the cutest thing, but figured it'd be a one time thing.

We then visited some nearby family where he did the same thing; said trick or treat and then proceeded to give them candy. However, this time he dug through his pumpkin to find candy that he wasn't as big of a fan of and gave that to them. Still not quite getting the concept, but totally making it worth his while.

After those couple stops we headed back to our neighborhood where he was so excited to see people and go trick or treating. He would hop (literally hop, which is his favorite thing to do these days) all the way up to the door, say trick or treat, and begin to hand out candy. It took him a little bit, but he finally realized he didn't have to had out his candy. Talk about precious.

We decided to head back down to our house where he could pass out candy to the kids which I think he was even more excited about at first. Our house happens to be one of the last houses on our street that actually participates in passing out candy so we didn't have a ton of kiddos come by, but when we did Mason was so excited to give them ONE piece of candy and then yell to them "bye friends, come back soon!"

I was so surprised at how excited he was, how generous he was, and how friendly he was. I love my sweet little boy.

I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween whatever you chose to do. :)


Mason was bummed that kids weren't coming, then he told them "come kids, come and get these, bye kids see you tomorrow..." Oh my cuteness.


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