Whoa Baby!

Whoa baby is right for my crazy attitude these days. Holy hormones! I'm so moody it's terrible.

Part of my journey throughout this pregnancy is to be open and honest and say the things women want to say when they're pregnant and just don't. So, today it's I feel like I could rip out people's eyeballs more often than not these days. Hey...it's just a feeling...I really won't rip anyone's eyeballs out.

When I was pregnant with Mason I was so joyful, happy, and carefree. This new little munchkin has turned me into what feels like a ticking time bomb and my niceness....well...it's hiding or the baby is stealing it all. ;)

I can do a pretty good job of holding back some of the hormones I'd like to release at times, but there are times when I'm less than friendly and I apologize for all those who have to endure my moodiness on a daily basis.

I'm sure I'm not as fun as normal, but I promise it's only temporary. Well, I pray it is or we're all in trouble. LOL!

Here's hoping to these moody hormones to bypass quickly.



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