OBX 2013

Completely in awe. It was an honor to be there over Memorial Day Weekend.

Our hot tub. We jumped in as soon as we got there. 

Our pool.
Ahh...the breakfast nook.

The kitchen where my hubby cooked most of the meals.

View from the 3rd floor deck.

My view every morning.

He loved the sand.

Loved having a private beach to visit every day.

Buck Island turtles.

Oh my goodness how I miss vacation.

Earlier this summer we were able to take Mason on his first big vacation. We decided to choose a place that wasn't too far of a drive and somewhere we could lounge on the beach all week.

I have been a huge Nicholas Sparks fan as long as I can remember and a lot of his books are set out of North Carolina and several out of the Outer Banks. Well, like most romantics, I had fallen in love with the place I read about and have been dying to visit the Outer Banks for years.

Well, this year was the year! The Outer Banks was more than I expected and though different from our usual pace during vacation; it was perfect. There wasn't a ton do to around us, but it was just what we needed to relax and enjoy time as a family.

We drove to Washington DC where we stayed one night and enjoyed some of the sight seeing around the city and then headed straight to our little paradise for the week.

We rented a beautiful home in Corolla, NC called Harmony's Haven. It was perfect for us. There was so much space that we could've fit 2 other families in there. The home was in a beautiful gated community, it was so close to the beach, and there were several places around us to visit. It was absolutely wonderful. The house had 3 levels, several bedrooms and bathrooms, a hot tub, a pool, movies, books, a grill, a breakfast nook (which is one of my heart's desires), and the owners were the sweetest ever. I couldn't recommend a better place to stay if you ever visit the Outer Banks.

Our days consisted of waking up, making breakfast, heading to the private beach until lunchtime, heading back to the house for lunch, getting Mason down for a nap while Jordan & I lounged by the pool all afternoon, then we'd cook dinner, and do absolutely nothing but relax the rest of the evening/night. Absolutely perfect! We'd visit local shops in the evenings or talk a walk around the community where you could feed turtles or play on the playground.

From Duck Donuts (oh my heavenly deliciousness) to Bad Bean Taqueria to the delicious welcome cake from Bacchus Wine & Cheese to the beautiful beach to the wonderful community to the perfect house to rent to the wild horses to the wonderful OBX people to....well...the list could go on and on. I think you get my point. I loved it! :)

Mason is such a good traveler and LOVED the beach! It was so precious!

I cannot wait to go back!



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