Rotors and Ribs


In June we had the privilege to head to a local airport and be a part of the Rotors and Ribs event. Jordan had volunteered to help out, so Mason and I headed over later that morning to see daddy. However, I wasn't really prepared for all that we’d see or all the emotions I would feel.

Mason, of course, was beyond thrilled at seeing all the helicopters flying in and around. One owner was even kind enough to let Mason sit in his helicopter.

The event featured ribs from Tony’s in Findlay, OH, a spot famous among helicopter pilots. Apparently they were delicious too. This mama wasn't feeling BBQ that morning. ;)

There were helicopter fly ins majority of the day which was so cool to see. It was a cloudy, windy morning, but we had a blast. Speaking of blast, the US Army helicopter did a special air show, flying around showing us what our incredible servicemen and women are trained to do. Part of their show involved setting off some ground bombs. It was pretty amazing.

One of the best parts of the day was seeing some local veterans honored. They spoke about each veteran and what branch they were in, and then they took them all on an honor flight. {lump in throat} There’s something about my patriotic heart that gets tears flowing when I’m among great men and women like.

I was also moved when I got to see a Vietnam War helicopter there. My dad is a Vietnam Veteran and I know he flew in some of those helicopters so it was pretty amazing to picture my dad sitting in one.

From good food and entertainment to helicopter rides; it was a great event and I can’t wait for next year.




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