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Lately as I wind down for the night I've been thinking about my day and just how crazy things have been with work and my personal life. Things are just busy right now and I know it’s only a season, but when you start to wear down physically sometimes you wear down emotionally.

When my mind wanders I start to think about all the “what ifs”. What if I could be a stay at home like several of my friends, would I be as drained? {90% of those friend s would tell me yes I’m sure.} What if there were more hours in a day so I could spend more time with my son? What if life were just less hectic? Silly “what ifs”, but it happens when you think too much. I’m sure many of you can attest to that.

Then I start comparing myself to others moms; trying to imagine if their lives are as hectic as mine, if they show any signs of being overwhelmed, if they seem tired and worn out, etc. I start to wonder if I have it the worst. {Although deep down I know that’s hardly the case.}

The other morning in my prayer time as I was begging for strength all around to get me through another day in the life of Krista, the Lord reminded me of one of the strongest women I know and just how amazing she is; my mother. If I’m honest I will admit that majority of the time I overlook the strength of this woman and it’s a shame. The Lord reminded me of all the things my mother did as we were growing up, especially when I was younger. I started to realize my supermom powers weren’t granted to me; they were inherited.

For the last 2 years I have focused on how to be an amazing mother with a physical disability. It’s been a challenge, but it’s been such a reward. Never have I thought about what my mother went through trying to be an amazing mother while raising a physically disabled child. I realize now just how special my mom is.

Life overall while being physically disabled is hard, but I’m pretty functional and can do a lot on my own. ;) I can’t imagine how it was for my mom to work, take me to doctor’s appointments, stay with me at Riley’s for almost 2 years, stay with me during each surgery and hospital stays, raise another daughter while tending to the medical needs I had, etc. Granted my mom and dad were an amazing team. My dad was just as involved and helpful; even more and more as I got older, but I know the weight you bear for your children as a mother. There’s nothing comparable.

Today is that amazing woman’s birthday and I want to honor her. Too often I take her for granted, but I love her more than she probably realizes. Though I’m a daddy’s girl through and through I have a special place in my heart for my mom. It may have taken almost 31 years for me to fully see through my mother’s eyes and it may have taken me becoming a mother before I fully realized her worth, but none the less I realize it now.


You are one of the finest and strongest women I know. Thank you for taking care of me, for loving me, and for raising me in only a way a mother could. You instilled in me an enormous amount of love. You showed me what it means to be a loving mother and I in turn am able to love my precious son in the most amazing way. I don’t think you’ll ever realize just how amazing you are, but know that no matter where life has brought us to this point, I admire you more today than I ever have. I’m sorry it took me so long to realize just how blessed I am to call you mom and how lucky I am to have a wonderful example to look up to. I will never take your love for granted again. I pray that Mason will someday admire my strength as I admire yours and I pray that I’m half the mother to him that you are to me.  You are special mom and I love you. May you find joy today in knowing that you have the world to celebrate and you are definitely worth celebrating!

Happy Birthday! J

Dear lovelies,

I pray each of you have a mother to admire. Today stop and take a minute to think about your mom. Think about how much she sacrificed for you, how much she gave you, and how much she loves you. Then go see her, call her, write her a letter; and let her know how thankful you are to have her in your life and tell her you love her.



  1. My darling daughter you've be the most wonderful gift god gave me , i prayed so hard to have a baby , just like you wanting mason so much , yes i got a special child , i loved u so much ,i was so blessed that god gave me you . My faith was my strength! I never had a bad day with you ,yes u needed special needs but i love doing everything , you gave me a purpose to live and to love you with my whole being! You look alot like me ,but yes you are daddy's girl ,but when you really need that special loving voice close towards your heart and soul , iam always there for you , so my daughter i will always be with you in spirit , love mom

  2. What a loving Tribute from one Wonderful Woman, Wife & Mother (my Daughter) to another Wonderful Woman, Wife & Mother (my Wife).

  3. Its great to see you blogging again :)


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