Happy 4th Birthday Niley!


I don’t normally have to start blogs over and over again, however, when I started to write this blog to honor my beautiful little niece I didn't know where to begin.

It’s silly because there are so many emotions and feelings I have for this little girl, but when it comes down to writing them I just didn't know how to get them all out.

When this little princess came into the world 4 years ago my heart grew in a way that I didn't expect. She’s my first niece and at the time I hadn't become a mom so I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I first held her in my arms. She stole a part my heart that first time I saw her sweet little face and she’s held on to that part of my heart ever since.

We all have a special place in our hearts for our nieces and nephews. It’s a kind of love that’s reserved just for them to spoil them in a special way. I’m blessed to be able to call myself an aunt to little Miss Niley Poo. I’m extra lucky because I not only have Niley to love, but I have another adorable niece and a stud of a nephew that have captured my heart in their own special way.

Today is Niley’s birthday and it’s so crazy to think how quickly these past 4 years have gone by. Life has its day to day routines and I feel like I don’t get to spend as much time with her as I’d like, but no matter where life leads us, she holds a special place in my heart that will always be hers; even though her Uncle Jordan has been her favorite since day one. ;)

I pray that as life continues on that I can be the kind of aunt she can look up to and trust, that Jordan can be an uncle she can always feel safe with, and that Mason and her will build a bond that only cousins have the opportunity to build.

Dear Niley,

Uncle Jordan, Mason, and I want to wish you very special “Happy Birthday”! You are a special little girl and we are so proud of the princess you are becoming. We love you very much and we pray you never forget how much you mean to us.

Uncle Jordan, Aunt Krista, & Mason

4 year photos by Memories by Helen


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