I Love You Because… {Day 1}

Two posts in one day!?! But of course! :) You may actually see a couple days over the next 14 days that have two posts. Why you ask? Well….I have some posts that I just can’t wait to get up, but in honor of Valentine’s Day I’m going to tell my hubby each day why I love him. {I’m stealing the idea from a beautiful friend and also, I saw my very favorite blogger, Pink Pistachio, do 14 days of love last year. I loved the idea!}

Well here goes it…day 1.

To my hubby,
I love you because you have the best silly side a person can have. You can make me laugh in a way that no one else can. Whether it be a random song you sing out in a funny way, some crazy dance moves that I know you’d never do it public, the hilarious voice you create to make our son laugh, the moments you get all hyper and act like a kid even if it drives me nuts after a long day, or the everyday commentary to whatever show we are watching. You my love, make me giggle just by being you and I love it. And I love you.



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