It’s the Little Things.

Sometimes in life there are tragedies that happen in the world around you and you want nothing more than to help those directly affected by it, but sometimes distance and finances make it hard to help the way you really wish you could.

If I could, I would fly to Newtown just to hug the families who lost their little ones right before Christmas, I would give of my finances, I would give of my time; I would do whatever I could. However, life doesn't always make what I want to do an easy venture. So, at this point I will do what I know I can do and pray that it’s enough.

I have the honor to partner once again with Gina from Bambeanies. This woman’s heart is so big it’s inspiring. She contacted me with an idea she had on how she could help those affected by the recent tragedy in Newtown, CT. I loved the idea and immediately wanted to partner with her on it.

Bambeanies by Gina has created a set of three small crocheted hears with the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary Tragedy in mind.

100% of each sale will be donated to the Newtown Youth & Family Services, an organization that provides youth, individual, and family counseling. They are offering emergency counseling sessions for the ones affected by the tragedy until January 14, 2013. All donations they receive will go to Caroline’s Gift. Caroline’s Gift was established in 1996 by a Newtown family in memory of their daughter Caroline. The fund’s charitable purpose is to assist Newtown families coping with the physical and mental health needs of their children.

For only $3 {free shipping}, you can help by purchasing this set. You can use them as ornaments, hair clips, or even as garland for Valentine’s Day.

It may seem like something small to you, but it’s something big for these families. It’s the little things we do that matter most.

Thank you for your purchase. It is greatly appreciated by Grateful Imperfections, Bambeanies, but more importantly by the families in Newtown that need our help.

Please visit Bambeanies to make your donation/purchase here.


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