Will You Be My Friend?

They're 1st date...I mean playdate.
 Some of us are lucky enough to have people walk into your life that find a special place in your heart and you know they will always be there. The hubby and I are lucky to have several friendships that hold a special place in our hearts and we are very thankful. I believe when we find the right friends, then those friendships can enrich our lives. There are actual medical benefits to having friends. Who would've thunk it? ;)

Stealing a kiss.
As a parent I think it’s important for us to encourage our children to have friends and maintain those friendships, as long as they are healthy friendships. Socializing is one of the most complex skills a child will learn. As parents, we can do a lot to help them develop these skills positively.

Halloween 2011
As the mother of a toddler, I’m aware that my little munchkin is not quite at an age where he understands what having and being a friend means. However, I can teach him what it means to share, to be kind, and to gain the ability to parallel play. 

Look who's kissing who now. ;)
Mason is lucky to have a friend, Miss Cambri, that he’s known since he was just a baby that he is able to spend time with, and I believe these two will have a lasting friendship. It’s been fun watching these two little munchkins grow up together. Each time they are together there’s a little bit of crying, a little bit of kissing, a little bit of laughing, a little bit of whining; a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Finally getting a hold of playing together.
I think it’s important to allow our kiddos to spend time with children outside of daycare or nursery and get some one on one time. It allows us as parents to guide their reactions to kids they don’t see on a regular basis; a great opportunity for us to teach them in a positive way.

For more information on a child’s first friend you can visit The Parent Report


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